All the information you need about Permanent makup

Not for you

You can-not have PMU if any of the following applies to you (No Exceptions).

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have a history of MRSA
  • Your immune system is compromised
  • You are prone to keloid scars
  • You are on accutane (must be off of accutane for at least 1 year)
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (must wait at least 2 months after and have doctor’s permission¬†

If any of the following applies to you, PMU may not heal well for you.

  • You are diabetic
  • You have very oily skin
  • You are a smoker
  • You have an auto-immune disorder/disease
  • You have anemia
  • You have rosacea¬†
  • If you are under a doctors care for ANY disease or disorder, I recommend getting their approval before moving ahead with PMU.
  • If you have previous permanent make-up/cosmetic tattooing.

After care - Eyebrows

  • Dry heal 7-14 days, treat as a wound.
  • Follow take home instructions given to you by artist.

After care - Eyeliner

  • Dry heal 10 days and no makeup, to lids during this time.
  • Follow take home instructions given to you by artist.

Normal Care required

  • Avoid any activities that promote bacterial growth (i.e. gyms, heavy sweating) for 7-14 days.
  • Avoid swimming pools, saunas, ocean water for 7-14 days.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 7-14 days.