Permanent Make-Up

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Combinations Eyebrow

3 Hours / $550

Combo brows give you the best of both worlds. You can have a natural look while having some shading through the brow. The center of the eyebrow is strokes and the rest of the brow is shaded to look like your eyebrow pencil.
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Ombré/Powder Brows

3 Hours / $500

A makeup look that gives you the “Instagram brow”. This is a technique that replicates the look of your eyebrow pencil.

Ombre has a gradient where it goes lighter at the center of the eyebrow and gradually gets darker toward the center and ends of the brow, while powder is the same color throughout the brow. This technique is better for oily skin types.
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Microbladed Eyebrow

2 Hours / $450

The most natural form of permanent makeup. Microblading mimics fine hair which is why it looks so natural.This is perfect for those who want just a base for an everyday look
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Traditional Eyeliner

3 Hours / $350

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Annual Touch Up

2 Hours / $300

Establish clients only
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Lash Enhancement Eyeliner

3 Hours / $250

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Color Boost Touch Up

2 Hours / $225

For existing clients only 5 -11th after initial session to enhance color in already existing permanent eyebrows
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Additional Touch Up Sessions

2 Hours / $100

Optional session 1 to 4 months after the initial appointment
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